Everyone has psychic ability although it seems to be present in some people more than others.  It usually shows itself early in life and as children we believe everyone is like us.  As we get older we realize that others don't seem to pay attention to their intuition the way we do. I believe that anxiety plays a significant part in both blocking and enhancing our intuition.  As an adult, I had to work at opening myself up to receiving information about other people as well as myself.

In my case, information comes to me through CLAIRCOGNIZANCE, which is knowing something at the present moment that is about to happen suddenly or in the near future.  In my own life this can be seeing something in my mind like a cat suddenly running out onto the road in front of the car just before it happens.  If someone else is driving I will tell them to slow right down because a cat is going to run out very soon from the left side of the road or a dog is going to run down the driveway and onto the road from the right side etc.  This foreknowledge has saved some cats and dogs in my case! That short window of time makes all the difference.