Having a positive attitude in life will change your destiny.  Have you ever heard the expression "what goes around comes around" ?   This is true and actually refers to your thoughts.   Our thoughts and consciousness are energy.   This is the law of attraction in the the universe.  What we think about or say will come back to us.  The law of attraction does not have judgment or discrimination, it only feeds back to us what we put out to it.  It cannot differentiate between the things we want for ourselves or our negative thoughts about life in general or other people. It will send back what you radiate the most.  

If you continually look at the negative side of life (which is really thinking that everything for you will be the worse case scenario) then those things will manifest in your life.  If you only see negative things in other people and waste your time thinking about them then the law of attraction reacts to these negative thoughts and will bounce them back to you.  Your thoughts are powerful and are like a boomerang.  This is why it is important to push negative thoughts out of your mind whenever you become aware of them and replace them with positive thoughts.  Happy thoughts about the good things you see in people and even in yourself.  Thoughts about things that make you smile.  Thoughts that make you happy.   Negativity is a thought pattern, a mindset that has formed up and then taken over your consciousness.   Push it out. You have a choice about what you think about!  You control your brain and not the other way around.  

You may think that some people always seem to have things go their way while others, perhaps yourself, do not.  The reason is because positive people think positive thoughts so positive things constantly manifest in their lives.  Having negative thoughts about the future may be based on fear.  We are very impressionable and may have had some difficulties in the past and are fearful that more bad luck will follow into the future.  This may not be so at all but if you think about your fears all the time then they will manifest.  The truth is that the past has gone and we can't change it.  However, we can change the way we think and feel about things in the present and can go into the future with a positive outlook.  

"Ask and it shall be given".  We need to ask for what we want.  It is programming our higher mind (the God source).  In your meditations, ask for what you want and then ask to be shown the way to make it manifest.   We have the power to affect the outcome of things in the future in a positive way and even if there is bad luck, there can still be a positive outcome.   God  (the higher mind, the universal consciousness) called this moment the "present" because it is a gift.  The present is when we are living, this is the time to feel joy, love, happiness, excitement; the time to play and have fun.  This is the time to experience life and to be a participant in it.  This is the time when good times can happen and make wonderful memories to take into the future.  Removing negative thoughts is like weeding a garden.  We need to plant our own mindful gardens and embrace the things that are important to us.    

There are many ways to change the way you think about things.  Read about the universal laws of attraction and change the direction of your life.  It could be the best thing you ever did for yourself.  

Here is a joke that shows the difference in positive and negative thinking:

A father had identical twin boys; one had a positive attitude toward life and the other was a negative child.  He was curious to see how the twins would react to different gifts for their birthday.  So he gave the negative twin a bicycle.  The boy looked at the bike and fearfully moaned that it was too big for him and he would probably fall and break a bone.   He gave the positive twin a pail of pony poop.  The twin looked at the pail and for a second looked perplexed and then his eyes lit up.  He suddenly raced for the back door and said, "Where there is pony poop there must be a pony!"

We all like to be around positive people.  They radiate happiness and are uplifting.  They infuse us with spirit when our inner flame burns low.  Why not change your outlook and be one of those people?  I like the saying that is on some dog leashes or coats, "I want to be the person my dog thinks I am".