I have been coming to Leslay-Robin for over 14 years now.  Her amazing interpretations from my Astrological Birth Chart and the yearly Solar Returns have been consistently spot on.  Her skilled and intuitive gift of answering my questions during Readings and her guidance has helped me feel more confident to live my life to its fullest and to make decisions in my ​life with ease!     -    Michael


I was referred to you and was expecting a good reading based on the referral I had but I wasn't expecting the details you

were able to give me.   I am amazed.   -  Darryl ​

What a great reading today!  You really did tune into me.   Speak to you in 6 months.​ Jessica

This is powerful stuff.  You nailed it.  -Brad

This was my first reading ever.   You have made me a believer.     -   Marcia

Don't know how you do it.  Don't get the fate or free will thing.  Like to speak about that sometime.      Ed.    

I was referred by a friend.   Glad I was!     -  Gail

You gave me more than I bargained for.   Astrology is very cool.   I love the Solar Return report.  Can you pls recommend some books?  -Judy

That was a long reading.....   I haven't digested it all yet.   I am looking forward to receiving your followup report.   It was all quite amazing actually.    -    Rupert


My name is Francine - don't know if you remember me.  When my daughter told me to contact you I didn't know what to expect.  Part of me wants to know what is coming but another part is afraid of bad news.My name is Francine - don't know if you remember me.   When my daughter told me to contact you I didn't know what to expect.  Part of me wants to know what is coming but another part is afraid of bad news.  You told me my mother was going to be ill and I needed to stand by to make sure she got enough rest and she would be fine.  Unbelievably, knowing this before it happened made me feel calmer because I wasn't worried about the outcome.  You described her perfectly.  Thank you.        -              Francine

What I enjoyed the most was that it felt like you knew me.  You got to the issues and helped clarify.  -   Don

I never understood Astrology and thought it was hokey.  Now I know better.  Great insight.  -  Julie

The reading was clear but I'll have to wait and see what happens.  -   Marion

I don't usually comment on things but this was good!     -    Elisa

I forgot to ask, do you do readings at a party?  I know alot of people who would love a reading.   -   Ann

This was great for me right now.  I am more relaxed about my future now.  Thankyou, I will come back in a month or so. - Mary.


I really enjoyed the reading today.  Though nothing has happened yet I still feel very uplifted because I am excited about what you told me.  I am still amazed at how you tapped in immediately when you told me about a conversation that was going to come up with my mother and father.   As I said to you, that happened yesterday evening before we even spoke!  You said that you often "tune" into what is already happening in a person's life and then move forward into the future.  I am excited about the things you told me are coming......                     Donna

I came to you recently and haven't spoken to you for a little over a year now.  The last time we spoke I asked how things would go if I expanded my business into the U.S.  You really saved me from making a huge mistake and I am so glad I asked the question!   You told me not to hire the person I was interested in even though he seemed to be the perfect fit for my business.  You told me there was a problem and I needed to dig and find out a little more about the person.   I called one of his references and asked some pointed questiions that I wouldn't normally have asked.  I found out something major that was a deal-breaker.  I would have lost a ton of money.  I can't thank you enough.  This time I asked about my personal life.  You clarified some things that will make an upcoming decision a little easier.    Thanks muchly.          -           Dave

OMG!  I AM FREAKING OUT!   I asked you if I was going to meet a guy in the near future that would impress me enough to want to date him.   Last night I went to a place you described and though I didn't realize at the time that this was when it would happen, things unfolded exactly as you said they would!!   It is only 3 days since we spoke but I didn't know it would happen this fast!!!   You're the best!   Thanks.       -         Mandy


Nothing I didn't know about but I will see what the future brings and let you know if you were right.  Alan

If you are right I'm glad we spoke.  I have to wait and see.  If you are right then I will be back.   - Chad

You seem to have alot of men getting readings.  Do men do this more?  I would like more indepth info about astrology and why it works.  Why do people think astrology is cooky?  My friends think I'm crazy for getting my chart done but when they hear what you said they will be very surprised!  I really enjoyed it.  - Beverly

I'll be back!  Thanks.  You got me alright.   -    Robyn

I can't wait til my next reading.  How long should I wait to contact you?  - Liz

I felt foolish calling on you but glad I did.  It is weird but it felt like you knew me.   I want a friend to try it now and find out what they think.    - Janice

Boy, this caught me by surprise.  You definitely picked up on my feelings.  Your comments relaxed me and I feel better about myself.  I hope things come about like you said they would because my life will change alot and I want that.   - Stephanie

This stuff is really amazing.  I'm glad I know my horoscope - it is fun but serious too.  - Bev

Wow!  Something just happened that you predicted.  I hope the rest comes too.  I loved the reading and will do it again in 6 months. -  Kathy

I just can't understand how you know these things.  You were clear and patient with my questions.  Can't wait til my next reading.  I will tell my friends for sure.  -Thanks, Teresa


Loved the reading.  You got the present things right so hopefully the future will come the way you described it.  -Thx George

You really helped me.  I am teary now thinking about it.  I miss my mom so much but I feel her around me now since you opened my eyes.  I am glad I called and will call again.  You are a warm and caring person.  You do a great service to people like me.  I loved the signs people leave after they cross over.  You are right about the birds coming.  I knew intuitively that the cardinal flying across the highway was for me.  Do you have any book suggestions for me?  Somehow the more I know about what comes after death the better I feel.  - Thx for an uplifting experience.   Lorna

This was a very good experience and I will contact you again.  Now I know this is all very real.  You have enlightened me.  I wish the very best for you. - Thx  Michelle

I will be calling you again.  You are uplifting and I feel really good after talking to you.  Could you recommend how I can get more involved so I can expand my own intuitive "knowing".  Do you have workshops?  If so, please let me know when.  I would appreciate any thoughts you have.   -  Jill

Thx for a great reading.  I am so glad I did my horoscope.  I am amazed that you got so much right about me.  It felt like you knew me.  I would like to find out more about astrology.  Can you recommend any books?  I am still digesting everything you said.  My husband loved the part about assets and liabilities and is teasing me that I need to listen to what you said.  I think he might want to do this too.  Thx for the info.   - Natalie

I am still in disbelief about the reading.  I don't know how you could possibly know all this about me and I am surprised about what you said is coming.  It sounds like a big change is coming for me.  I am not sure what to make of it because it is not what I am thinking it will be.  I will be calling back if you are right.  Thankyou -Beth